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What is Stacki

Stacki is the world’s fastest and easiest-to-use Linux provisioning tool that can take your systems from bare hardware (or virtual hardware) to working Linux, ready to install applications. Stacki does this at scale, so deploying 1000+ servers is no more complex than deploying one. Stacki integrates seamlessly with Ansible, Chef, Puppet, Salt and other DevOps tools. Advanced users can use Stacki to install applications (Hadoop, OpenStack, HPC etc.). There are zero prerequisites for taking systems from bare metal to a ping and a prompt. This includes parallel installation of Red Hat Enterprise or any of its derivatives and configuration of things such as:

  • DNS
  • Parallel Execution Shell
  • Cluster Networking
  • Multiple Distributions
  • Host Discovery
  • Host Assignment via Spreadsheet
  • Partition Configuration
  • Storage Controller Configuration

With Stacki, users are able to rapidly build and operate data center infrastructure for any need, from individual servers to interconnected clusters. Stacki knows how to install Linux, and knows how to automate those installs with required customizations. Stacki makes it easier than ever to build a robust, production-grade, automated data center. Stacki is open source and is intended to invite collaboration. Download it now and join the community.
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Stacki Pro

Add a server/cluster monitoring GUI, Ubuntu support, and the ability to automatically provision systems using UEFI.

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If you want a quick and easy way to run Stacki, you can grab a convenient, pre-built ISO:

The ISO image is released as open source with a combination of licenses. Stacki source code is available on the StackIQ GitHub in the Stacki source repository.


We’ve provided a few guides on the Stacki Wiki on GitHub that will get you started. Stay tuned for additional documentation and guides.


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You can use Stacki for Red Hat Enterprise Linux or any of its derivatives such as CentOS, Oracle Linux, Scientific Linux and others. It is free to download and to use as open source with a combination of licenses.

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