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Stacki is an open source infrastructure automation tool that can rapidly build and operate data center infrastructure for any need, from individual servers to interconnected clusters. It enables users to eliminate complexity and speed up the deployment of their Big Data, Private Cloud, Container, and general Linux environments. Stacki does this at scale using a parallel installer, so deploying 1000+ servers is no more complex than deploying one. Stacki knows how to install Linux, and knows how to automate those installs with required customizations including the configuration of:

  • Parallel Execution Shell
  • Cluster Networking
  • Multiple Distributions
  • Host Discovery
  • Host Assignment via Spreadsheet
  • Partition Configuration
  • Storage Controller Configuration
  • Real-time Monitoring with Stacki Pro

    Want visibility into your entire infrastructure at all times? Unlike other monitoring tools, the GUI in Stacki Pro considers the entire cluster with Host and Global CPU/Network/Disk views. Stacki Pro also has UEFI support and Ubuntu support.


    Automate Everything from Step One

    Stacki Enterprise completely automates and manages every layer of your large-scale clusters making it easier than ever to build a robust, production-grade data center. From bare hardware (or virtual hardware) to the application layer (Hadoop, OpenStack, HPC, etc.) and everything in between (Ansible, Chef, Puppet, SaltStack), Stacki Enterprise leaves nothing unautomated.



    Whether you're installing Stacki for the first time or deploying a large-scale application cluster, the Stacki documentation is full of guides to that will help you at every step.

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    You can use Stacki for Red Hat Enterprise Linux or any of its derivatives such as CentOS, Oracle Linux, Scientific Linux and others. It is free to download and to use as open source with a combination of licenses.

    Need enterprise support? Stacki Enterprise Editions