Stacki 3.2 is here!


We here at StackIQ spent the year after Stacki’s release building on Stacki Community to make the system even more useful to enterprise systems staff. After the Community Edition picked up in popularity and started being used by large numbers of organizations, the list of requested features for the supported versions of the product started growing.

We are proud to announce the release of Stacki 3.2.

This release contains a collection of bug fixes for Stacki Community Edition, along with the answer to many of those requests for Pro and Enterprise editions.

Aside from increasing levels of support from StackIQ, the new release refines the differences in Stacki Editions by focusing on the following features and functionality:

Stacki Community

Stacki Community is the community supported open source project that installs servers lightning fast. Delivered as a single ISO, a Stacki server can be installed and ready to deploy your datacenter servers in minutes. Stacki Community supports CentOS and RedHat 6 and 7, both for the Stacki Server and for installed data center servers. It is in use by hundreds of organizations, and the community is growing at a rapid pace.

Stacki Pro

Many enterprises want the ability to call someone and get more immediate support if something goes wrong. They also want functionality that will go beyond what is supported and required by the community. Those organizations move to Stacki Pro. Stacki Pro offers email and phone support, along with active monitoring of managed servers, and the ability to test server integrity, looking for performance or configuration issues prior to production deployment. It also offers simple support for Ubuntu, just download a pallet, and follow a simple set of instructions to begin installing Ubuntu servers. Finally, Stacki Pro has added the ability to automatically provision systems using UEFI paving the way for users to benefit from next generation hardware, secure boot, and IPv6.

Stacki Enterprise

Some organizations need even more functionality that Stacki Professional provides – support for popular cluster software like Hadoop and Spunk out-of-the box, and the ability to expand their installation options as they see fit, with world class support available as needed. Stacki Enterprise, building on Stacki Pro, is the solution for those organizations. With the option to talk with StackIQ engineers, contract for specific installation configurations to be developed, and install a broad range of hardware/software combinations, Stacki Enterprise is the leader of the Stacki lineup.

With three focused Editions, a rapid and regular release cycle, and improvements in every aspect of the product, Stacki is continuing to lead the enterprise server provisioning market. You might say we are building the virtual world, one server at a time.

Find out more at the Stacki website!