New Features in Stacki GUI

September 22, 2016 Uncategorized 0 Comments

The Stacki dev team released Stacki 3.2 back in July updating the Stacki GUI in Stacki Enterprise and adding it to Stacki Pro. Since then, the team has added some new features improving the Stacki GUI even more. And in case you didn’t get a chance to trial Stacki Pro and see what the GUI could do before, I added the past features here also.
Trial Stacki Pro here.

New Features

Global Utilization:
Improved interface for global utilization stats allowing you to detect realtime outliers in performance on CPU, disk and network for every host

New temperature monitoring for your backend hosts

Box, Pallets and Carts Management:
Easily create, remove and edit your carts by adding packages and custom scripts
Quickly remove and add new pallets by selecting existing or downloading ISOs
Manage all your boxes by easily assigning and unassigning pallets, carts and hosts in one holistic interface

Sync Files:
Quickly synchronize selected files from your frontend to selected hosts and keep track of their states

Past Features You May Have Missed

Run hardware tests on network, memory and disk with visual graphs helping you detect any outliers that may poorly affect your cluster

Partition and RAID:
After setting up your RAID devices, visualize current RAID settings for each host

Host Utilization:
Monitor real-time CPU, disk and network stats for each host

Easily add, edit, delete and filter list of attributes for appliances, hosts and the entire global cluster

Standard monitoring graphs for every host along with pre-installed Ganglia

Upload a spreadsheet configuration and add new hosts, new attributes or new RAID configurations

Real-time graph of host activity when adding hosts through discovery mode