How Fast Can you Provision UCS Servers with Stacki?

November 14, 2016 Uncategorized 0 Comments

Cisco announced their new UCS S-Series servers designed specifically to address the needs of data-intensive workloads a few days ago. Read the announcement here. 

We felt compelled to comment because two of the largest UCS clusters in the world running Hadoop are managed by Stacki software.

Stacki was created by the minds behind Rocks cluster management software of the San Diego Supercomputer Center, so it offers these advantages to building a UCS cluster for data-intensive workloads:

  • Fast installations of hundreds of servers in parallel using the Avalanche Installer (watch the video below)
  • Integration with UCS Manager to provision the entire hardware and software stack
  • OS provisioning and configuration
  • SW (Hadoop and other) provisioning and configuration
  • Cluster deployment and configuration

Read the Cisco and Stacki whitepaper describing integrated automation from bare metal to Hadoop.

Watch this live video showing 16 Cisco UCS servers being added by Stacki to a production customer cluster of 300+ nodes: How fast can you deploy 16 UCS servers from Pallet to Production? 

With Stacki and the new UCS S-series servers, you can quickly and easily build complex clusters that can handle the rapid growth of unstructured data created by the Internet of Things, video, mobility, collaboration and analytics.

If you would like to learn more about the Hadoop clusters on UCS servers managed by Stacki, or if you want a demo of Stacki solution for UCS and data intensive solutions, contact us: