Case Study: Financial Services Company

After working for months to stabilize a new Hadoop cluster, a large financial services company turned to Stacki. Days later, the cluster was in production. Read more

Case Study: Tier 1 U.S. Wireless Operator

The company discovered the benefits of StackIQ’s automated and easy-to-use solution to manage its heterogenous cluster environment. Read more

Bringing Much Needed Automation to OpenStack Infrastructure

This white paper discusses how StackIQ solves the challenges of managing and deploying OpenStack environments. Read more

Stacki Data Sheet

Learn about the three editions of Stacki: Community, Pro, & Enterprise. Read more

Stacki Enterprise for Big Data

Using Stacki Enterprise, customers are able to rapidly build and operate infrastructure for Big Data. Read more

Stacki Enterprise for Private Cloud

Because of its modular architecture, Stacki Enterprise is able to extend its capabilities to configure, deploy and manage open cloud APIs, including OpenStack. Read more
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