The growing Stacki community offers several ways for you to get help, get involved, and become a voice. We enjoy interacting with others who are using Stacki, and talk about innovative ways to get things done. Whether you're new and have questions about basic Stacki use, or an old hand looking to provide feedback or get even more involved, these resources will help you join in and make Stacki even better.

Google Group

Have a tough question that you can't find the answer to? Start a thread here and let someone from the community help you out.

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Want to have an immersive experience, where people show what can and has been done with Stacki, while you can get together with a small group of people and talk about what you are working on and how to overcome problems? Meetups are for you! Organized locally, meetups are generally smaller gatherings where Stacki users can connect and get more personal interaction that the Google Group offers. Check this page to find events near you, or to organize an event if there isn't one close enough.
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Like most Open Source project teams, we attend and (with StackIQ sponsorship) host events that are relevant to the project. Check this page to see when the next StackiFest will be held, or what events members of the Stacki team will be attending. Join us at any of these events to share experiences relevant to the event topic. For StackiFest, the topic is using Stacki in the enterprise, for other events, we focus on the core topic of the event, and how Stacki can help.
So look at where we'll be, and join us if you can!

No matter where you are, or how far along you are in your Stacki implementation, we love to talk about it, so join the community and let's chat!

"We didn’t have time to spend weeks and months figuring everything out. We needed a partner to give us direction and guidance. So the fact that [the Stacki dev Team] was really responsive is a huge win."
Dave Peterson, Salesforce
"I can’t express enough how excited I am to find Stacki! This is an awesome project and the Slack team is great!"
Tim Enders, MontanaSky Networks
"I'm using [Stacki] in our hadoop infrastructure to stage servers. So far so good - happy thus far:-)"
Shiva Rajagopalan
"I'm using Stacki at home to provision my classroom servers for a Linux class I teach. Stacki allows me to reprovision hardware for different lessons. Previously I was using Cobber which is ok, but difficult to work with."
Christian L.
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