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StackiFest 2016

See the presentations from our first StackiFest16 in San Jose, CA on March 24, 2016.

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Introduction to Stacki Pro

View this short video to learn what added features you get in Stacki Pro and see the GUI in action.
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Building datacenters with Stacki and Ansible

See how Stacki and Ansible work together to provide complete datacenter automation.
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Using Carts to Customize your Stacki Environment

Anoop Rajendra of StackIQ demonstrates how to customize the configuration of your Stacki backend nodes with Carts.
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Intro & Demo of Stacki at Stacki/OpenStack Meetup

Watch Greg Bruno's overview and demo of Stacki from his presentation at the Stacki/OpenStack meetup in San Jose on September 15, 2016.
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Flex Presentation at Stacki/OpenStack Meetup

Learn how Rob Neff, Hugh Ma, and Michael O'Rourke use Stacki to automate the provisioning of their OpenStack racks along with the differences between private cloud & public cloud.
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Stacki Bare Metal CoreOS Demo

Joe Kaiser of StackIQ demonstrates using Stacki to install CoreOS on bare metal, talking about caveats and the power Stacki brings to installation automation.
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Watch how SalesForce uses Stacki

Greg Bruno of StackIQ and David Peterson of Salesforce talk about how Salesforce uses Stacki, and how Stacki is enabling for DevOps teams.
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Stacki Saves Game Day

Meet Stacki (literally), the fastest bare metal provisioning tool in this not-so-typical product video.
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How to Install Stacki

A short video that shows how easy it is to get Stacki up and running.
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Stacki walk through and QA

Anoop Rajendra demos Stacki and answers some questions at the Stacki Dallas meetup.

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Install Kubernetes on Stacki

Install and deploy a small Kubernetes stack on bare metal, using Stacki and Salt from SaltStack.

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