Stacki Enterprise

Stacki Enterprise offers users the largest selection of tools to manage data center infrastructure. From the ability to monitor servers deployed, to a GUI to make operations more intuitive, and a selection of StackIQ Pallets to speed deployment of complex infrastructure.

Make Things Instant with Stacki Enterprise

Stacki Enterprise adds a GUI, monitoring, management, and the ability to quickly and effectively expand the domain of your Stacki installation. Offering the ability to install and use Pallets, Stacki Enterprise can be configured to install Hadoop servers, OpenStack, Puppet agents, and more.

Stacki Pallets are full stack automation configuration packages that contain details specific to certain applications, middleware, or physical infrastructure. The requirements of a given organization can be gathered, and pallets created to fully install the most complex systems environments. These Pallets can be assembled as sets or a la carte depending on customer requirements. The Pallets provide the necessary deep ‘line of sight’ from the application layer all the way through to the underlying server cluster.

Pallets define all of the functionality and configuration needed to implement a specific type of machine. As configuration packs, StackIQ Pallets completely install a machine with the correct software with near zero manual intervention. For those items – hostname and IP address for example – that require specialized information, a Pallet receives this information from Stacki before downloading to the target machine.

Pallets Developed by StackIQ

What Stacki Pallets Can Do For You

  • Speed – Build any sized cluster in a matter of hours or days instead of weeks or months. Our Pallets are key enablers of this outcome.
  • Repeatability – The specialized knowledge for installing complex systems is built into the Pallets, so they install – and reinstall – correctly every time.
  • Manageability – Pallets know exactly how the machine is configured, and thus know how to restore it when things go wrong.
  • Monitoring – Pallets report back to Stacki on a regular basis and on-demand, so Stacki can correlate performance at the level of the overall installation or a single machine.
  • Controlled upgrades – Stacki offers the ability to modify a Pallet to suit an organization’s internal requirements, and then use the modified Pallet for installs or upgrades.

Pallets Developed by the Community

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