Stacki Pro

Love your Stacki clusters but looking for a bit more? Stacki Pro has all of the functionality of Stacki Community plus added features and dedicated support from StackIQ engineers making your installations even easier.

Stacki Pro 3.2

Check out the new features in Stacki Pro 3.2:

  • Server/Cluster Monitoring GUI - Visibility into the status of your infrastructure at all times with Host and Global CPU/Network/Disk views.
  • UEFI Support - Add increased flexibility and benefit from next generation hardware, secure boot, and IPv6 by using UEFI to automatically provisioning your systems.
  • Ubuntu Installation - Use Stacki to install more than just RHEL/CentOS. Configure your Stacki Pro Server to install Ubuntu with a Pallet from StackIQ.
  • Box, Pallet, & Cart Management

    Stacki allows you to customize the configuration of your backend nodes with boxes, carts, and pallets. With the Stacki GUI, you are able to manage the each of them.

    By easily assigning and unassigning pallets, carts, and hosts in one holistic interface, you can easily manage all of your boxes. You are also able create, remove, and edit your carts by simply adding packages and custom scripts. And finally, the GUI allows you to quickly remove and add new pallets by selecting existing or downloading ISOs


    The Stacki interface has views for both host and global utilization allowing you to see statistics for individual hosts or for the whole picture. You are able to monitor your CPU, disk, and network stats for each host in real-time. In the global utilization views, you can monitor all of your hosts at once allowing you to detect real-time performance outliers.

    File Synchronization

    The Stacki GUI provides you with a place to easily organize and manage your files. This allows you to quickly synchronize selected files from your frontend to selected hosts while keeping track of their states. All you have to do is browse through your files and click to assign a host to each one.

    Validation Tests

    Stacki Pro has purpose built cluster validation tests and outlier detection make sure you can properly diagnose any degraded performance issues right away. Analytics can be run as-needed, and provide comparative information about servers managed by the Stacki front-end. This is a great way to find bottlenecks before deployment.

    Spreadsheet Customization

    Hosts can be entered via spreadsheet, or auto-detected as they boot on the private network. Attributes describe the cluster at the global level, the appliance at the install type level, or the server at the host level. Machines that are online can be managed from the UI. When a given host is selected the graphs show usage of that particular host, instead of the overall cluster.

    Stacki Pro Support

    Support includes assisting organizations during the proof-of-concept, staging, and deployment phases. Included are configuration and installation questions, explanation of routine maintenance, diagnosis of system issues, and any bug fixes or patches that may be necessary.

    A big portion of that support is helping customers integrate Stacki into their existing infrastructure, and customizing installation bundles (Stacki Pallets, Carts, and Boxes) to make Stacki install exactly what a given organization needs to each machine under management. This is achieved in all versions of Stacki via our programmable framework designed so that third party management systems can enroll whole clusters, individual nodes (based on machine types or roles), or run health checks for performance monitoring or troubleshooting. This enables IT ops to create and tailor Carts and Pallets to meet the organization’s specific needs, making installations extremely flexible.